We're currently hiring for several positions at our current location in Springfield (E. Sunshine) and our new location in Ozark.
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Duties include ringing up sales, boxing donuts, tracking coupons, collecting payment and giving appropriate change. Light janitorial duties are required such as dishes, mopping and cleaning dining area. Part-time and full-time shifts available from 6am – 2pm daily.


Responsible include, but are not limited to: making dough, punching out and frying donuts, creating glazes, working with customers occasionally, managing and maintaining back kitchen cleanliness, assuring food quality, labeling products and inventory control. Light janitorial duties are required such as dishes, mopping, cleaning kitchen and equipment. Part-time and full-time shifts available: 1am – 6am or 2am – 10 am. 


Responsibilities include making dough, cutting dough, frosting and decorating donuts and other baked items. Must be creative, have an eye for detail, ability to follow a recipe and have problem solving math skills. Light janitorial duties are required such as dishes, mopping and cleaning work area. Part-time and full-time shifts available between: 2am – 10am.


Responsible for ensuring timely delivery of baked goods to predetermined customers on specific routes, reviewing orders prior to delivery, loading and unloading trucks and providing exceptional customer service to our client base. Part-time job openings available between 3am – 9am.