We get this question a lot! 

What's the difference between a cake donut and a regular donut?

Raised donuts (otherwise known as "regular" donuts to most) are prepare more like a bread. The dough is mixed with live yeast inside of it. Then an experience baker will kneed and shape the dough into desired shapes. After they've been cut into shapes the donuts are put in a proofer to "raise", then over a period of time the yeast eats the sugar inside the dough and expel gas. This causes the donut to expand to the desired size. When it reaches the perfect size it is cooked and topped. Raised donuts include: Glazed, Chocolate Glaze, Donut holes, Twist, Long Johns, Apple Fritters, Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate or Maple Rolls.

Cake donuts are made out of cake donut batter. We mix the batter to the desired consistency. Then the cake batter is loaded into a hopper. Next the baker cranks out the cake batter directly into the fryer. There is no yeast so there is no need to let them raise. Once cooked they are topped and serve to the public. Cake donuts include: Old fashion/buttermilk, Devils Food, Blueberry, Red Velvet, Vanilla Cake topped with various icings like chocolate or maple.

Some prefer cake donuts because the flavor can be created in the batter and raised donut flavor is typically in the glaze. We love both!